Collateral Damage Kennel

D litter is here D.O.B. 16.04.2024 – we have available puppies!

JUDGE: Lisbet Mach (Switzerland)

Hi & Welcome to our website!

As you came here, we hope that you share love for dogs, as we do, and that you will have pleasant time on our webpage!

We are small family kennel breeding French Bulldogs, located in Serbia/Europe. With small number of dogs, and small number of litters, we are oriented to produce quality! We are not making litter, just “like that”, every our litter came with a reason, and we believe in it! All our dogs are tested on genetically transmitted diseases, before they have puppies, and all are healthy! Health of our dogs, and future puppies is our main goal and priority!

Collateral Damage kennel was founded in 2011, and it was registered for American Stafford Terrier, and was very successful! So many nice placement with dogs of our breeding, on World Dog Shows, and European Dog Shows, and also at the specialty dog shows! Even now we have few Stafordishe in our house, but just for love, nothing more.

French Bulldogs came to kennel, at the same moment when Igor met the love of his life, his wife Veronica! As it goes, that biggest change in life of one man, can be brought by woman, that’s is how it happened! So Frienchies became a part of Collateral Damage! Right now, we live our life, surrounded with a bunch of lovely little fellows who gives us so much love, and more than that! Having a Frienchie is more like lifestyle, not just having pet! If you are interested in having Collateral Damage Frienchie, you can feel free to contact us anytime! We are here to answer on all your questions!

With love, Veronica & Igor Davidovic

Our love and life story

This is a story about our beloved champion. He came here, as junior dog, with already several junior champion titles taken. Now-days, he is international, and multi champion in so many countries. He also haves many group placements and few BIS wining. Atilla is main stud dog in our kennel in this moment, and can be used for a suitable females.